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Join Now Charme & Caractère


Outstanding Commercial Visibility

+ than 800 hotels in 80 countries
+ 8,000,000 customers
The support of powerful allies (GAPH)


Valuable & Selective Brand 

Global Quality Score 87 %
+ 600,000 guest reviews
100% customer orientation


Total respect of your independence

100% independent network
No standards (except quality score)
No computer system imposed


The Best of Digital

Partnerships with Universities & Startup
Advanced digital tools
Influencers & Social Networks


A Trust Relationship

Terminable contract at any time
From 300 € per year

No commission on sales


The best experts at your service

More than 180 hotel consultants
Possibility of commercial representation
Customized expertise


Earn money

Central purchasing (not mandatory)
Prestige partners
Bargaining strength


Beyond the stars

All ranges of accommodation
The best addresses in the world
The charm of diversity


Responsible &Solidarity Economy 

Glocalization (Think Global - Act Local)
Highlighting our Logo & Website
Collaborative system


Exceptional visibility

Charme & Caractère represents almost 800 hotels in more than 80 countries.

As part of a global alliance of the best independent hotels in the world, C&C is one of the founding members of G.A.P.H. (Global Alliance of Private Hotels) and allows all its members to be present (with no additional cost) in all commercial tools of these prestigious and historic brands in their country.

C&C represents all the hotels of these allies (who have 20 to 35 years of history) all over the world, since they represent all the members of C&C in their own market and their own website. This offers incredible commercial representation to all our members.

Based on a technology developed by C&C and assumed by all members of this global alliance, each website offers through a global search engine, access to all hotels around the world, with a booking link without commission.

A global brand


Requirement & Transparency

Our selection is strict and in addition to our own selections and controls, we also rely on online review sites to take customer judgments into account.


The establishments in our selection are the best in their class and regions, and must remain so to deserve our label.


We have a partnership with the German company Customer Alliance, which analyses customer opinions on our facilities all around the world in real time, allowing us to provide both a global score of our quality and the performance of each hotel.

Our Worldwide quality index of 87%

     comes after the analysis of

         600,000+ guest reviews

         A hotel with a score <80%

           cannot retain our label

  You have the assurance of working
      with only the world’s best hotels.


Best Marketing Campaign Award

Our communication campaigns are simple and effective. They aim to increase the notoriety of our brand and therefore the attendance on our digital media (websites, smartphone application, social networks...).


In February 2019, we were finalists of several trophies and won the award of the Best Marketing Campaign during the ceremony in Kiev (Ukraine) of the International Hospitality Awards.


We are proud of the international recognition given to our brand which is a guarantee of quality for the establishments that join us.



Soul & personality

Our hotels are not chosen according to their number of stars, but according to their architecture, environment, history, and soul ...
We are looking for the distinctive qualities that make each address unique.

Our strength lies in the wide variety of establishments we offer: From private island retreats, to rustic mills, design mansions, castles and manors, historical sites, lodges, boutique hotels, old relay stations or simply magnificent houses with a discreet charm...

We are present in cities, villages, the countryside and the mountains, at the edge of the sea or ocean, in forests, tourist hotspots and the most isolated locations at the end of the world...


Solidarity & respect

Our approach is collaborative and participatory. It offers hoteliers the opportunity to join and work together to assure their own promotion and marketing.

"Charme & Caractère» is based on principles of fair trade and collaborative economy: hoteliers pay no commission on bookings, and membership costs are as low as possible. They can thus provide and guarantee customers the best price.

Our brand is 100% managed by independent hoteliers. We all work together, between professionals and we have created a company that is not there to benefit only itself but to help all of us in the spirit of a global cooperative.


Our annual contract is simple, clear and without commission, cancellable at any time.


8 000 000+ customers

We maintain a very active social media presence, offering modern, flexible and dynamic marketing tools (websites, smartphone applications..) and we rely on innovative technological tools with a "100% customer" orientation.

Thanks to our network and our partners, we are now gaining millions of customers around the world, hundreds of thousands of subscribers to our various newsletters and tens of thousands of "followers" on social networks.

Our entire sales organisation, our website and our smartphone applications (iphone, android, tablets ...) are organized to guide customers directly to you, leaving you in complete control.

Our organization is simple, pragmatic, agile and efficient.



Our decisions and directions are taken in contact with our members.

We base our organisation on "glocalisation" (global strategy, local decisions) establishing local (continents, countries, regions ...) autonomous and flexible structures.

This guarantees you will be listened to, respected and provided with solutions adapted to each case.


We anticipate the future

Thanks to permanent monitoring, University support, competent partners and significant investments in the field of new technologies, we are proud to offer websites, a smartphone application and a completely innovative loyalty program.

We are 100% digital native and happy to have developed a fully digital, agile, responsive and adaptive organization.


From 300 € / year

Our contract is an annual contract that you can terminate without prior notification and or charge every year if you are not happy with our services. .

The first year there is an additional entrance fee which finances the commercial launch of your hotel in our network. The yearly subscription fee is made “prorata temporis” the first year.

The annual fee is proportional to the size of your establishment. 

Of course, all payments can be staggered up to 10 months to preserve your cash flow.

To receive our contract and our price schedule, please contact one of our representatives below...

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Community Manager

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